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The treatment of health problems from A to Z. Please make an appointment by telephone. Thanks in advance for Your confidence in us!

új látásklinika új látás orvosok

István Fábián chief doctor - natuary-gynaecology, ultrasonic diagnostics: General gynaecology új látásklinika, vaginal and abdominal ultrasonic examination; gynaecology cancer screening; examination and treatment of inflamed diseases; youngster consulting; climax treatment; prenatal care and consulting; embryo diagnostics: ultrasound examination-flowmetry, CTG, baby cinema, Down syndrome and othr cromosomic disorder screening.

György Sáfrány chief doctor - plastic surgery: Removal of pigmented birth-marks, benign and malignant tumour with histology ; liposuction; blepharoplastics, nose, ear, face plastic, and abdominoplasty; új látásklinika enlargement, reduction; wrinkle smoothing; lip thickeningthe sclerotising of broom veins botox treatment, Dr. György Walter chief doctor - urology, andrology: dysuria treatment; cancer screening of prostate, kidney, új látásklinika testicle; treatment of inflamed diseases; incontinence of urine by women; men's sexual complaints, potence complaints; men sterility, climax; children's night bed-wetting treatment; ultrasound examination; endoscopic diagnostics cystoscopyFlowmetry.

új látásklinika vioftana jövőkép mindenkinek

Zsófia Szabó chief doctor - full-scale ultrasound-diagnostics with 2D, 3D and 4D technology: : General abdominal diagnostics, examination of aortas; diagnostics of venous diseases; circulation examination of kidney; ultrasound examination of neck: thyroid body, ganglia, breast ultrasound; examination of articulation: foltos látás, knee, infant screening: scull, general abdominal, waist.

Nagy, Orsolya Beszédes remedial gymnastics instructor - remedial gymnastics by muscle control technique: Stress reducing complete emedial gymnastics treatment; rehabilitative treatment új látásklinika új látásklinika organs by adults, chronic backache, shoulder- and headache; rachis problems by children, disregardful attitude treatment; slimming gymnastics Dr.

Gonda Gyula chief doctor- Optalmology: Sight examination, computer light break determination, glass prescription, control; eye bottom examination, examination of tear production, grey layer surgery, possibility of multifocus artificial lense implantation, consultation of refractive lense replacement, green layer treatment, medicine új látásklinika, exelid plastic új látásklinika, one-day optalmological surgeries.

új látásklinika hogyan lehet helyreállítani a belső látást

Sebestyén Gyöngyi radiologist- full-scale ultrasonic diagnostics with 2D, 3D, 4D technology: general abdominal diagnostics, the survey of the state of arteries, the diagnostics of vein diseases; examination of kidney circlation; neck ultrasound; thyroid gland; saliva gland, lymph, breast ultrasound, examination of joints: shoulder, knee, infant screening: skull, general abdominal, waist.

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